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  • How do you wear a lady's false head? Simple wig method

  •     We all want to have star-like hairstyles, but we always get them out of the same, or even very different, which is why? Besides because they have professional stylists, in fact, there are even more hair tools can not be separated from the following. Knowing and understanding their usefulness and usage, you can also become super star!

        First of all, we need to prepare a wig net. This is the first step for us to wear a wig net. Take care when putting the net on our neck. Don't pull the net into the hair. The net is elastic. After putting it on, pull the net up from the front to the head.

        The other side of the elastic band holds down your hair. Don't let your real hair come out. On the other side, lift it up and spread it flat in the net, so as not to make it uneven after wearing the wig.

        3 hair evenly spread in the hairnet, the top outlet on the head is good, do not need special fixation.

        The wig is worn from the front to the rear, then adjusted. There are two adjusting buttons on the inside and the back. There is a cloth strip between the two buttons. There are several small checks on the cloth strip. Please button the adjusting button according to the size of your head.

        5 Liu can do whatever he likes. Find two small prominences on the temples. This is to check if the wig is in the right position. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger. Pull it down and adjust the position of the wig properly.

        If you wear it, you can grab a few wig top and make it fluffy.