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  • How to buy wig

  • How to buy a wig? We generally from wig quality, color, shape and their collocation of choice, choose the time to choose similar wig and hair color wig!

    1, size selection

    Wigs are also divided into size code general mechanism wigs have three sizes, small 52-54 cm, medium 55-57 cm, large 58-60 cm.

    2, pick hair

    Chemical fiber hair: easy to knot, frizzy, easy to knot after washing, basically a one-time. 100% real hair: long life, washable, blow, cut, dye and perm. If you wear it for a long time, you should choose the real hair.

    3. Look at the quality of the process.

    Full mechanism process: All production processes are machine processed, low cost advantages, low fidelity, poor permeability. Dozens of chemical fiber wigs usually use this process + mono: local hand-woven or semi-hand-woven, high fidelity, good air permeability, cost-effective, suitable for spring, autumn. Suitable for mid-range consumption. Full hand weaving process: using simulation scalp, light and lifelike, breathable and comfortable. With hair loss and white hair, it is necessary to wear it for a long time. Suitable for wear throughout the year.

    4, the hairstyle of the hairstyle is matched with the facial shape.

    Because everyone's face is different. Because real hair can be reproduced and trimmed, we strongly recommend buying real hair, even if the hairstyle is not appropriate, you can also ask the barber to help you do the right hairstyle for you!

    5, nursing and after sales

    Real hair wig is easy to absorb moisture under natural conditions, air humidity and packaging extrusion will cause hair curvature, straight hair deformation after spraying some water-cooled air drying, or with straightener clamp straight, hair styling spray some hair glue can be. After the curly hair is washed, naturally dry nine dry and spray some moisturizing styling to keep it longer. Or let the hairdresser help you.